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Funny, but not funny. If you've been in the military, you know these to be truths.

The hard truths learned from the blood, sweat, and tears of those sent to do combat.

MS-Words And MS-Office Shortcut Keys

I use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Ctrl + X all the time and a few others occasionally… I had no idea there were so many more shortcuts!

Beautiful English Words

Funny pictures about Beautiful English Words. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful English Words. Also, Beautiful English Words photos.

ISIS smuggler: 'We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West' 4,000 covert terrorists already in place 'awaiting' orders Read more at

Aylan Kurdi, Drowned Syrian Mourned With Poignant Cartoons Using Humanity Washed Ashore Hashtag

Islamic infiltration

Yes, we must be pretty stupid because we keep electing the same people over and over again who are letting and even encouraging this to happen here