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Buny Bloodnovski

Buny Bloodnovski
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Four tiny baby rabbits rescued!! This is the cutest thing you will see today

This Marine found four baby rabbits stranded with a dead mother. Instead of leaving them to die, he took them in, nursing them until they're old enough to release back into the wild. Here's a picture of him feeding one of the baby rabbits.

Damn indeed!

I<m pinning this: 1 because it is a very inperational story and a good representation on ow far we have come in representing trans individuals in the media and 2 beacuase this man is soooooo hot. im fanning myself:

When you find out you're pregnant and you say "We don't care what we're having, we only care that it is happy and healthy." Why must this change when your child wants to be who they truly are? Your child is a gift from the universe. Love them and support them unconditionally!

Tormenting your child, with actions or words, is bullying. Some parents, term used loosely, damage their children and move on as if it never happened. Kids do not forget.