amazing bookcase...

An American Bookshelf in London

Totally Rad USA Map Bookshelf If I had this I would place all my books that are based on a real place onto the state the book is set in.

I want this as a chill out room!

Hammocks & Summer breezes at Sukha Amsterdam

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Wow this is amazing!!!

Wow this is amazing!!!

Life After The Block: Dee And Darren's Latest Home Project

life after The Block: Dee and Darren's latest home project

Called House N and designed by Maxwan, originally the holiday home of a concrete factory owner when it was built back in 1938.

Stunning Lattice Staircase: House N by Maxwan

Maxwan Architects, Rotterdam, renovation of 1938 seaside villa, adding new to old both in exterior & interior architecture. Custom spiral staircase with laser cut pattern blends from close to open both for structural support & the idea of breaking waves.

Tabletop Fireplace

A Mediterranean Personal Fireplace A very cool, well, HOT, Personal Fireplace with a real flame using an innovative gel fuel system; covered by a hurricane glass over a smooth ivory cast concrete base.

love this space! exposed brick, lots of sunlight, and a chandellier!

Crystal Chandeliers

loft style kitchen with very high ceilings, exposed brick wall,large beaded chandelier over wood table. Industrial chic look