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a bunch of different colored moths on a white background
"Garden Beetles" by Amber Davenport
a painting of pink flowers on a green background
Candice Gray | Print Designer on Instagram: “An oldie but goldie! You have all been really liking this print on my shop, it’s so lovely to see which ones are everybody’s favourites,…”
a room with blue and white wallpaper, pictures on the wall and a desk
Courtney McClain on Instagram: “This pattern was nearly on the chopping block before some trusted style sources (including but not limited to the very chic @avpinterior )…”
an abstract painting with multicolored paint sprinkles on a white wall
Taylorleepaints - My WordPress Blog
an abstract geometric design with circles and lines on the bottom, in shades of pink, red
I’ve been craving to explore a new medium recently, something where I can use my hands and not stare at a screen so much (because I already…
a person standing in front of a white wall holding up a large piece of art
a l i c e m c r a e _
an abstract painting with various shapes and colors
calm in trees
Samantha Totty:
an abstract painting with black circles and pink, orange, and white shapes on a white background
New paintings — Bekka Palmer
A short, but sweet new series of paintings. Three black dots.
an abstract painting with leaves and moon in the background
ohkii studio
Ohkii Studio . A piece of you, piece of me (at Greenpoint Loft)
an abstract painting of leaves and flowers
amy blackwell
Botanical floral flower art painting illustration leaves tropical