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6 fairy princess recipes for little girls

British Columbia Kindergarten Math Fun treat for an authors' tea: Marshmallow teacups with a fruit loop handle. (Assemble ahead-of-time.

Butterfly Cake Possible first birthday :)

Addie is having a butterfly birthday. this will be perfect! How To Make A Butterfly Cake.my sweet goddaughter decided she was a cake with a cross that says "God Bless Addie" .

Michelle Party of 5 : DIY Barbie Cake under $30!

Barbie Birthday Cakes Somewhere in Ruth handler gave the idea of making a doll that represent a tween girl or lady to her husband Elliot.

Barbie Cake More

Barbie Cake More

Fairy Toadstool Cake

Fairy and Toadstool Birthday Cake--- *board*

Looking for KIDS PARTY FOOD ideas? Check out these simple recipes that are cheap, quick easy to make. From pizza shapes and sandwiches to fruit skewers, fairy bread, chocolate crackles, racing cars, j

Fairy Bread

Roll up fairy bread-perfect for a picnic!Kids birthday party food ideas - recipes for kids birthday parties

Barbie Birthday Cake Idea. My oldest is too old, but hoping someday my youngest will play with Barbies.

Butterfly Cakes The Cutest Collection Of Ideas

I was looking for ideas for Barbie birthday cakes with a friend of mine and was totally amazed at how many beautiful and creative Barbie cakes are out there. I love the detail on this Barbie cake…