Infographic - Types of play for learning in childhood. Great poster! Well worth printing out for your ECE service, to help people understand the importance of all types of play. Pinned by Alec of childsplaymusic.c...

This is a chart on the different types of play. Each section includes detailed information on the types of play. The different types of play could be used in play therapy for the child.

LEARNING STORIES--this is an interesting idea. Te Whariki New Zealand early childhood curriculum

This shows how to create a learning story as a record of what an educator has seen a child or group of children do during an activity. Great to give to whanau as evidence of a child's learning.

This set of 5 QKLG posters are beautiful to display on walls, in portfolios and in programs. They contain the learning areas, activities and links to relevant theorists

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As early childhood educators we are expected to develop and follow a planning cycle to ensure that all children in our care are supported to follow and extend their learning journey. There are prin...

Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation in Early Childhood Programming

Bubbles Poster. For more Play pins visit: ≈ ≈

This poster expresses how important the simplest tasks are to learning and growth. just through blowing, chasing and shaking bubbles children learn a plethora of things important to their growth and maturity.

Early Years Learning Framework EYLF Outcomes Poster

'Communicator' EYLF Outcomes Posters - Bookoola Ink - could you use this as a base, add children's photos, as they demonstrate these outcomes?

Child portfolios in early childhood settings...are they necessary? 15 Questions to ask first! Find out more at Mummy Musings and

Child Portfolios in Early Years Education - How to make them effective.

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood

When children play we often just think they're having fun, but research has shown that the benefits of play extend far beyond that in early childhood.