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an exit ticket is shown with the text how can i use exit tickets in my classroom?
How Can I Use Exit Tickets in My Classroom?
📝 An exit ticket is a brief assessment tool used by teachers to gauge student understanding at the end of a lesson or activity. It typically consists of a prompt, question, or task that students complete before leaving the class or transitioning to the next activity. Read all about how you can use exit tickets in your classroom to provide you with a snapshot of student comprehension at the conclusion of a lesson or activity. #ExitTickets #AustralianCurriculum #TeachingStrategies #StudentEngagement #TeachingTips #BeeHappyTeaching
Counting groups of Australian notes and coins, matching prices, shopping problems and calculating change - all these activities and more. These worksheets are ready for you to just print and go. Aligned to Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Different levels are included to provide differentiation for your groups. #BeeHappyTeaching #Aussiemoney #Australianmoney Math Center