Caroline Reichenberg

Caroline Reichenberg

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts."..
Caroline Reichenberg
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Acts of Service: This is an example of a way to organize classroom jobs. Classroom jobs can help those students whose primary love language is Acts of Service. This allows them to practice acts of service as well as receive them from their peers.

If you need a unit to grab those reluctant learners and "Power" them up, you can't do better than force and motion! It's filled with experiments, plus lots of movement and action. It's everything kids could want! Get links to everything you need on this post!

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Give Me Some Force and Motion!If you teach force and motion don't miss this post filled with videos, games and activities to really get those concepts across!

I Love 2 Teach: Five Spelling Rules Posters {Freebie}

There are five spelling rules that help us know when to double, drop or change letters in words. Check this out for a more in depth look a.