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a hand holding a sharp knife over a piece of paper with black ink on it
Creative DIY Home Art Supplies · Art Prof
some art work is laying out on the table
How to paint with acrylic inks and pastels
Difficulty: Medium Materials • Canvas • Acrylic inks • Vinyl acrylic paint • Brushes • Water • Soft pastels
Black Inky Exercise! Perfect for Creative Blocks!
I’m always looking for a 20-minute art project to either warm me up or get the creative flow going. And sometimes I get so into this practice, I lose track of time and get lost in the process. Double win! This week I played around with black and white, leaving the beautiful bright colors behind for a bit. There is something so dramatic and satisfying painting in black. Not exactly sure why I feel like that. It could be just the stark contrast, especially when I add white on top! Check out the notes and longer video on my Blog Post: Joy Journal 02: Inky Fun
Blue and white wave texture painting
✔A hand-drawn acrylic / oil painting on canvas, unframed /unstretched. ✔Packing: rolling and transporting in solid tube. ✔Style: abstract painting. ✔The default value for oil painting is UNSIGNED. ✔Material: professional acrylic / oil painting paint, canvas, hand-painted. ✔This painting has an extra 2-3 inch white border for stretching or framing. ✔Delivery time: you will receive this paint
In the making: Organic Harmony🤍 . . #texturedart #plasterart #satisfying #artreel #minimalart #walldecor #cltiscreative #textureart #explore #diyart #trending #viral
Textured Art Process by Macazlyn of Material Illusion
Unconventional Painting Tool | Julie Schumer Abstract Art & Workshops
Unconventional painting tool 🙌 As some of you know, I absolutely love using unconventional tools during my painting practice. Recently I came across this toilet mop and had to put it to the test 😻 It’s a keeper! Follow me for more art tips, available artwork and current workshops! #abstractpainting #artsupplies #tipsandtricks #tips #arttips #learnart
Art Tools Demo | Julie Schumer Abstract Painting Workshops
Which tool is your favorite? 😸 1️⃣ Scraper 2️⃣ Bondo Knife 3️⃣ Blade Follow me for more demos, art tips, available artwork and current workshops! #abstractpainting #artsupplies #scraper #blade #siliconeblade #bondoknives #paintingsupplies #paintingtools #painting #supplies #markmaking Abstract Painting • Expressionist • Expressionism • Art • Abstract Painter • Artist • Creative • Tools
Unconventional Tool 🖌 | Julie Schumer Abstract Painting Workshops
Unconventional Tool 🖌️ Hand brooms make thin parallel marks if used with a lighter touch or when bulk of paint is off the bristles. The most interesting of the marks with this brush come with light pressure. 👉 Would you give this hand brush a try? Follow me for more art tips, available artwork and current workshops! #abstractpainting #artsupplies #tips #tipsandtricks #learnart #artworkshops #classes #courses
Easy Squeegee Art with Acrylic Paint
“IMPROMPTU” - brush pattern work timelapse
Prep: • Paper • Small square-edged brush • Ink or fluid-high flow paint of your choice How: • Create little swirls in your own way using the semi-dry brush (not dipped in water prior to your medium application) • Fit the brushwork as if you were fitting the pieces of a puzzle Note: • Control applied pressure and its consistency throughout the brushstroke • You can apply second coats and layers to refine and fine tune your strokes • Don’t worry about making mistakes, it mans you are learning, just enjoy the process and have fun! Happy painting! •
diy textured art
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an assortment of art supplies including paint, pencils and watercolor paints on paper
Quick the sun is shining! Add some shadow sketches to some empty pages in your sketchbook… fill the gaps and have fun! #wildinkartclass… | Instagram
a person is drawing on paper with a black marker and some plants in the background