Banksia various: Banksia flowers produce an abundance of honey-like nectar, which is why the early colonists called this plant the Honeysuckle. Nyungar people drink the honey straight out of the flower cone, or soak the flower in water to produce a sweet drink. This beverage is either drunk fresh or fermented to produce Gep, an intoxicating liquor. The early colonists also used the nectar of the banksia for honey and to make sweet drinks.

Banksia prionotes, commonly known as Acorn Banksia or Orange Banksia, is a species of shrub or tree of the genus Banksia in the family Proteaceae. It is native to the southwest of Western Australia

Quandongs - Australian Native Fruit

native australian fruit - quandong, our School bus driver Mr Pelham on the Collie Road Bus out of Kojonup would stop and let us pick them.

Riberry / Lilli Pilli /Syzygium luehmannii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lilli pilli, Syzygium luehmannii, a native australian plant. The fruit is edible and attracts birds, bats, and possums.

Bush Banana (Marsdenia australis)... Australian bush tucker...

The bush banana is a climbing woody vine found growing on other shrubs and trees, and often difficult to see among the trees own leaves. The bush banana has creamy flowers, and thick narrow leaves that grow from a short stalk.