Modern living room design

I love how modern this living room is. The sectional looks inviting and comfortable yet modern. The living room and kitchen are one big open space. I also love the decoration hanging from the ceiling.

Interior design

Home design, Open Floor Plan Narrow House Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Black Ceiling Loft Second Floor Two Story: Cool minimalist house d.

Designed by architect Satoshi Okada. Located on the sloping terrain of the Svab Hill, Hungary, this family residence is home to renowned photographer Tomasz Gudzowatyon.

A Beautiful Ivy Overgrown House in Hungary

Our homes should be the place where we feel most calm and peace, and what better style to promote these feelings of serenity than a zen inspired space, like tho

Living Room Interior Design By Minotti

wood texture stone pool outdoor modern MadMod living room glimpse fireplace concrete color art architecture Japanese Trash masculine design tastethis - Def want a grey sofa set.

Modern Row House by Lukas Machnik Interior Design

rhubarbes: Modern Row House by Lukas Machnik Interior Design. (via Modern Row House by Lukas Machnik Interior Design

Modern black and white bathroom with black tile & matte black plumbing fixtures

"R U S H ➕ V I V I D S L I M L I N E We absolutely love the black, white and timber styling in this stunning ensuite in The Langham 44 house from…"

This refined two-bedroom apartment is the work of design team Vishnyakov & Pokrovsky. Titled "Honey White", its bright interior remains minimalist but sweetly w

Light and Modern Sophistication In A Two Bedroom Apartment

Intricate ceilings, brass accents, and unconventional architecture are just a few must-see features in this stylish two bedroom apartment.

Pink is cheery, sophisticated, and even sexy. Today we will show you 5 pink dining rooms that are the proof of that. All you have to do is to keep scrolling and get inspired by our dining room decorating tips!