Australian habitat garden ("Gaia's Garden" at City Beach, WA)

Australian habitat garden ("Gaia's Garden" at City Beach, WA) Pink Everlasting daisies & mass plantings of Kangaroo Paws

Love the color combination in this drought tolerant garden

Aptos front yard garden, replacing the huge lawn and bringing down the water bill. Drought resistant plantings attract pollinators and the neighbors.

Decomposed granite is Ideal for cactus gardens, pathways, driveways and patios. Works in flower beds for drainage and easy to spread. Available at Lowes, similar price to gravel.

plants- Garden makeovers by Shirley Bovshow in Los Angeles. Homeowner wanted a natural style garden with Mediterranean and native California plants. An avid hiker, the homeowner now has her own decomposed granite "trail.

Leptospermum scopularium, Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers', Gray Santolina, Pittosporum crassifolium, Phormium, Buddleja, etc. This colour combo is great!

CA Friendly Design Ideas

A heavily planted lush Traditional design, with many low-water California Friendly plant choices including red Tea Tree, Rosemary, Butterfly Bush, Pittosporum and grey Santolina.

Gardening with native plants - Yahoo7

Gardening with native plants

Author and naturalist Christine Lister knows a thing or two about native plants, growing more than 160 gum trees in her hideaway in the Melbourne suburb of Montmorency. Take a stroll through her garden for some local inspiration.