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What's in my Geocaching Kit?

Last month, I asked about the Top 5 geocaching tools in your bag. This time around, let’s just dump that bag on the ground and see what’s there. I decided it was time for a reorganizat…

An Enchanted Cache is located in Northwest Arkansas. The house kit was bought on Etsy and the cache is hidden in a Playdough container amongst the rocks. To take it one step further, you could find a hollow tree and a hinged door and really pull it all together.

Other pinner says: "My new life plan is to start being a rogue fairy house maker. So unsuspecting children can stumble upon my work and be overjoyed." This would be so cute if we had young kids on the property.

Florist Foam ... or use dremel tool on a real brick.

This is such a fun idea! or use dremel tool on a real brick. Perhaps a small real Lock & Lock could be used instead of a film canister. Would be watertight and more fun to be able to leave signature items and travelbugs.