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A stranger is someone i don't know

"A Stranger is Someone I Don't Know" is an excellent visual support to use when teaching your child(ren) about stranger danger. It is so important for kids to learn this information, and the pictur.

Lime Jello Play Dough for St. Patrick's Day

Glittery Lime Jello Play Dough for St. white flour – 1 cup , warm water salt – 2 tbsp, cream of tartar – 2 tbsp, cooking oil – 2 tbsp, Jello – 1 pack. Once it's cooled add glitter before kneading.

Providing students with a visual reminder to space between words is often helpful.

ThanksI love this idea! Buy small smiley stickers and when you notice that your student is leaving a space, put a sticker in and put a sticker on a reward chart. Then give this reward when they have reached a goal (ex.