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🚨 Overdue TPAR Alert! 🚨
Do you have an overdue TPAR on your hands? Time's ticking to get it sorted before the penalties hit.
Happy Valentine's Day Fellow Business Owners 💕
Happy Valentine's Day, amazing small business owners! Today, as we celebrate love in all its forms, let's not forget about the one relationship that keeps our business hearts beating – our love affair with bookkeeping and finance. Here's to making that relationship stronger, healthier, and more rewarding. 💰💖 💬 Share how you're going to celebrate this love today or tag your business Valentine who makes your financial world go round!
Tax Planning for Business Owners
As we bid farewell to this year, let's get our #budgets fighting fit for the next. Share your insights on these 5 key points.
Ever wondered what really pumps up your business's profits?
It's all about nailing those revenue drivers! Like and follow our page for all the clever tips and tricks! 🚀
Got a shedload of excess stock taking up space?
Here's how to turn 'too much' into 'just right': 🏷️ Flash Sale Frenzy: Fire up a sale that'll have 'em queuing up! Quick, exciting, and perfect for a stock clear-out. 🎁 Bundle Bonanza: Match those sleepy stock items with hot sellers for an irresistible deal. It's like a barbie pack, but for your shop! ✨ Social Sizzle: Show off your stock on the 'gram with flair. A great pic and a catchy caption can work wonders! Now, let’s get those shelves sparkling and tills ringing!
5 Things Only Bookkeepers Truly Understand 😂
Ready for a laugh? From the buzz of balancing books to the endless search for that missing receipt - it's all in a day's work for us! Share a giggle and let us know which one hits home for you in the comments!
Unpopular Opinion About Bookkeeping 📣
Hey there! Ready to see bookkeeping in a new light? It’s not just about the figures; it’s about fuelling your business’s growth! Need a hand with your books? Our expert team is just a message away. Let us help you turn those numbers into business success! 💸
Are you struggling to meet tax filing deadlines?
Struggling with those pesky tax deadlines? Don’t let it turn into a tax-time nightmare! 😱 At Bespoke Bookkeeping, we're here to take the stress off your shoulders. Our team's ready to keep you on track, organised, and penalty-free. 🌟 Slide into our DMs or give us a bell – let's make tax filing as smooth as a breeze for you!
Mastering the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Financial Frontier
Explore the uncharted territory of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' and discover how to navigate it with the right strategies. Unleash the full potential of this financial landscape to your advantage. 🌟
Harassment-Free Horizon: Elevating Workplace Standards!
Explore the new workplace laws on sexual harassment that champion respect, dignity, and equality. Unite in the mission to create a safer and more empowering work environment for all. Together, let's make a lasting, positive impact! 🤝🌟
Respect Revolution: Safer Workplaces for All!
Discover the power of respect with the new Respect at Work Bill, aiming to create safer workplaces for everyone! Join the movement and help build a culture of respect, equality, and kindness. Let's stand together, celebrate diversity, and make our workplaces shine! 🌟🤝
Unpacking the Paid Parental Leave Scheme | Episode 2
Get ready to bring some cheer to your employees' growing families because the Paid Parental Leave Scheme is getting an upgrade! Starting from 1 July 2023, Parental Leave Pay is going from 90 days (18 weeks) to 100 days (20 weeks). 👶 💜
Harmony Huddle: Unite for Gender Equality in the Workplace!
Join the movement to break barriers and build equality with the latest workplace laws! Discover how we can all collaborate to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment, fostering harmony and balance for everyone. Together, we can make a difference! 🌟🤝
Boss, Babies, and Business Growth: Unpacking the Paid Parental Leave Scheme
Don't just be a boss to your employees. Show them some love and share their wins! The government-funded Paid Parental Leave Scheme can help you do just that - show your employees you care about their family life. 👨‍👩‍👦💖
Flexibility Boost for Australian Workers: New Laws Unveiled!
Discover the newly introduced workplace laws in Australia, designed to provide workers with increased flexibility. Learn how these changes can positively impact your work-life balance! 🌟💼