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Figuring out GST for the first time?
Ever felt like a baffled pup trying to sort out your GST? 🐶 You're not alone, mate! Tackling taxes can feel like deciphering a puzzle, especially that first dive into the GST pool. And if you're still scratching your head over your finances, give us a bell. We're here to help make it all as clear as a sunny Aussie arvo. 🌞
a man holding a sign that says is your business getting its tax perks?
Is your business eligible for concessions? 🤔
📢 Did you know you might be sitting on a treasure trove of tax concessions? Whether your turnover is under $2M, $5M, or $10M, there are savings to be unearthed. 🗓️ As of 16 February 2024, don't miss out on optimising your tax position. And remember, good record-keeping is your golden ticket to proving eligibility and securing those benefits.
a man in white shirt and tie sitting at table with text overlay that reads, ever felt tangled in the web of capital gains & gains tax?
Getting the Most from CGT Concessions
Say g'day to CGT concessions that could make your tax worries vanish! Whether you've been in the game for 15 years, looking to retire, or just keen on a bit of financial wizardry, we've got the spells you need. 🧙‍♂️
a woman sitting at a table with her arms crossed and the words don't forget to keep your abn details up to date
Australian Business Owners! Are your ABN Details up to date?
When was the last time you had a squiz at your Australian Business Number on the ABR? If you're scratching your head, it's time to make sure your deets are on the money. 🧐✔️ Don’t miss out on crucial support or grants because of outdated info. 🚨💰 Make sure your addresses, contacts, and biz activities are spot on. Keep your ABN sharp; it might just be the easiest win of your day! 🌟
several different bills with the words salary deduction changes are here
Latest News for Australian Business Owners
The Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Protecting Worker Entitlements) Act 2023 is changing the game for salary deductions, making life a bit easier for everyone involved.
ATO’s Disaster Aid for Aussie Businesses
We understand how challenging it can be to face the aftermath of a natural disaster. It's a tough road, but you're not walking it alone. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has put together some supportive measures to help us through these hard times. 👉 Head to the ATO website ( for more detailed information. Remember, it's okay to feel a bit lost right now. But with the right support and information, we can start putting the pieces back together. 💜
Better Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners 💜
Navigating the bookkeeping maze? Here’s how to kickstart your journey towards financial savviness.
a woman wearing a straw hat and holding her hand to her face with the words, i've got a little secret please read caption
I have a confession to make...
Bet you think bookkeeping's just crunching numbers and battling spreadsheets, right? Well, here's a yarn: I actually get a kick out of sorting those pesky receipts and balancing tricky books. There's something satisfying about turning financial chaos into orderly success! If the thought of tackling your finances makes you want to run for the hills, leave the number crunching to us! Enjoy the serenity of top-notch bookkeeping. Your financial muddle is our cup of tea! 📚💼
a person's hand reaching for some candy bars on a green table with pink and white stripes
Turn Excess Stock into Retail Success!
Overrun with surplus stock in your shop? No drama! Discover our tips on transforming excess stock into a retail win. Learn to refresh and re-merchandise, use surplus as freebies for loyal customers, and fire up your sales team with fun challenges. Perfect for retailers looking to spruce up their inventory management. Chuck this pin onto your retail strategy board!
the stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing
Navigating Entrepreneurship with Purpose
Philip Fisher's wisdom reminds us that successful entrepreneurship isn't about tracking every market fluctuation. It's about recognising the genuine value in each strategic business move. Join us on a purposeful journey of business excellence! 💼💡
Discover the Magic of 'Buy Now, Pay Later': Your Shopping Fairy Godmother!
Dive into our latest post to unravel the enchantment behind 'Buy Now, Pay Later'. It's like having a fairy godmother to make your shopping dreams come true. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, let's transform your shopping experience today!
Here's a fun fact: In FY21, small businesses saw an average revenue increase of $18,576 thanks to BNPL. It's not just a payment method, it's a growth strategy! How has BNPL affected your business? Let's discuss below 👇 Small Businesses, Money Habits, Growth Strategy, Fun Fact, Small Business, How Are You Feeling
Boost Your Revenue with BNPL: A Winning Strategy for Small Businesses
Here's a fun fact: In FY21, small businesses saw an average revenue increase of $18,576 thanks to BNPL. It's not just a payment method, it's a growth strategy! How has BNPL affected your business? Let's discuss below 👇
a woman is running with the words escape the high - fee jungle on her chest
Banish High Fees: Unleash Your Wealth-Building Superpowers!
Don't let the high-fee trap sabotage your wealth! Here are some practical tips to break free from this sneaky money habit that drains your savings. Empower your financial future by waving goodbye to the high-fee dilemma and embracing clever saving strategies. 👋🏼🌟