Polliwogs....One of my favorite childhood memories, catching them in the culvert and watching them turn into frogs! We called them tadpoles!

Spring was the time to catch tadpoles. We kids went out back to the pond behind my grandmother's house and catch tadpoles in jars. When they grew too big for the jars, we let them go back into the pond.

school desks with ink wells

Old school desks Iron framed and bolted to the floor. Notice the inkwell. I had to write with a nibbed pen - and I'm still alive.

Teeth lollies

Teeth lollies ***ah the good ole days, sticking lolly teeth in your mouth and thinking you were hilarious*** They tasted great back then.

Fag ciggies

Fags lollies-remember these! They changed the name to Fads and got rid of the red bit but I don't think they make them now.I loved them as a kid:)

sunnyboy ice block -

Sunny Boys, Razzes, Zaps and Glugs - all a huge part of primary school Remember the promo where inside the the label you could win a one- best prize ever!


playing knuckle bones - with real knuckle bones :) - yep, I was thrilled when my nana would give me the fair dinkum bone ones, not the plastic crap.

Teddy Bear Biscuits

when's the last time you had a plain teddy bear biscuit? i am nom nom nom loving them atm!

Adventure Island: Lisa, Mrs Flowerpots, Percy Panda, Clown, Miser Meanie and Fester Fumble.

TV: Adventure Island


Fags - We used to buy them loose before Australia went metric

Oil of Ulan

Oil of Ulan - great smell. I remember this before it changed to Oil of Ulay : then "Oil of Olay" Still the same : I have been using this beautiful product for over 40 years.