Inherited - Amanda Curtin - UWAP

How Inherited by Amanda Curtin may be approached in the classroom: Notes for teachers

My_driver - Maggie Gee - UWAP

Maggie Gee Acclaimed British author, Maggie Gee, brings us her wry new novel, My Driver – a comedy of errors set in Uganda.

Cusp- by Josephine Wilson - UWAP

Josephine Wilson Dark, funny and poignant, Cusp explores the profound impact of time and place on the lives of two women, and questions the things we value, the

Even in the Dark - Rose Lucas, UWAP

Rose Lucas Even in the Dark contains delicate poems of the lives of women and the exquisite beauty contained in the act of observation.

Cover for The Toss of a Lemon

Drawing on tales from her grandmother's life, debut novelist Padma Viswanathan depicts the intense social and political changes of the past century in India in The Toss of a Lemon.

Cover for Unaccountable Hours

Three novellas, ethical understanding and sustainability could be studied through these texts. Stephen Scourfield is becoming one of my fav Oz writers.