Kings Rocks, Stanley, Tasmania, Australia

"Barnacle Runnels" *Kings Rocks, Stanley, Tasmania, Australia* [Photographer 'David Murphy' taken July 1 120805

Tasmania, Australia. The Neck On Bruny Island

One of my most favourite camping places in Tassie. This is the sandy isthmus connecting North and South Bruny Island

Launceston, Tasmania

Beautiful City Park in Launceston, nestled in the centre of the city - just opposite our One Agency Launceston office.


How fossil DNA could bring dying species back from the brink

Easy Science for Kids Tasmanian Devils - The Land Cleaners - learn fun facts about animals, the human body, our planet and much more. Fun free Tasmanian Devils - The Land Cleaners activities!

Grand eucalyptus, Tasmania

Grand eucalyptus, Tasmania


hobart, tasmania australia The cylinder shape building is the Hobart Casino with a revolving resturante where the chef presented us with many delightful dishes to taste!

Great Hall at Hastings Caves, Tasmania

Great Hall at Hastings caves - Alex Dubrovin