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Intact and Inscribed Heracleion Stele

Lost city of Heracleion egypt franck goddio Amazing photos of an egyptian port city found underwater after 1200 years. This photo shows one of the underwater artifacts found: a slab of stone with ancient text. Very cool piece of

Gold Vessel

gold vessel (Phiale) recovered from Thonis-Heracleion. Phiale were shallow dishes used throughout the Hellenistic world for drinking and pouring libations.

Statue of a Pharaoh

An Ancient Egyptian city named Heracleion or Thonis was unexpectedly discovered near Egypt’s modern coastline. It was a surprising discovery as the city was dismissed as a legend or folklore.

You won't believe what was recently found in Egypt. What's scary is how it got there.... - Page 3 of 3

*HERACLEION (Cleopatra's Temple Alexandria, Egypt) ~ The statue of the Egyptian Goddess Isis sits on display on a barge in an Alexandria naval base, found in the sunken city, June