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To Those Who Want to Understand Borderline Personality Disorder | How to Explain Borderline Personality Disorder to Loved Ones | The Mighty

Woman with borderline personality disorder writes open letter to explain what her life with the illness is like.

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I have been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder, it's no fucking joke.

Borderline Personality Disorder These are all to true. Definitely the self assurance, if I won the lotto I would def get plastic surgery. Pay to have tutors to learn things so I wouldn't be so ignorant. This isn't a cry for help, it's allowing my emotion

I believe this quote really describes borderline personality disorder. People with this illness have been known to be moody and lash out on others.

BPD: "Having to rely on others to comfort you because you can't do it yourself...Then pushing them away and getting angry when they're not there for you."

Pinner said: BPD.I have "traits" of borderline personality disorder.but my mom has FULL on BPD. She needs me desperately at times.and then when I try to help.she pushes me away.