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i think these are gorgeous and could probably be made into a DIY project $40,

I have a pulley like this. I wonder if my sister can do this for me - it would match the mason jar light fixture she made me for the kitchen!

You can make a beautiful birdfeeder from a saucer and a matching bowl – or a mismatched one if you prefer. You just have to drill a hole in the saucer and attach the two together. Ok, so it is a bit more complicated than that but not too complicated. This beautiful birdfeeder looks great and the saucer protects your birds from rain, sun and other weather elements, sort of like an umbrella. Via – Erinscreative

Bird Feeder from Cup and Plate! I added an extra plate below the bowl.My birds love it. Some "rest" on the bottom plate while others eat from the bowl. What a great idea. And under 8 bucks.

Observer's book of British birds by Andy Malone.

Frank, Whitstable : British graphic arts, design and craft ~ The Observer’s Book of British Birds

Bracelet en Tissu, workshop in Versailles, France

Textile Workshop: Bracelet en Tissu, workshop in Versailles, France. I feel like this could be a fun diy jewelry bracelet project

This old wagon wheel became the focal point of this rock wall.  For unique touches to your Minneapolis MN yard, visit us for #LandscapeDesign.

Garden wall wheel - a stone wall wouldn't look good with our current house but this is a neat idea! I bet this could be incorporated into the wooden fence I want, and the wheel painted an accent color like blue, white or silver :D

Love a deep basin sink and made in copper would be a real bonus!

Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sinks Rustic Sinks is a leading supplier of copper kitchen sinks. We stock a vast array of affordable copper sinks as well as many othe

Industrial Vintage Pipe Chandelier

Industrial Retro Vintage Water Pipe Pendant Lamp Ceiling Lights Kitchen Bar Lamp in Home, Furniture & DIY, Lighting, Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers

We have some stashed away in a closet, I really should get them out and use them for cocktails and dinner on the porch. Old Fashioned Oil Lamps.

Antique Oil Lamps are an excellent idea for vintage style table centerpieces - use some scented oils to add that extra flare of romance in the air