January Photo A Day Challenge 2017

28 Pins
a woman holding a baby in her arms and smiling at the camera with trees behind her
Day 31 - Smile
a woman cutting a child's hair with scissors
Day 30 - Big
a woman holding a baby taking a photo in front of a mirror with a camera
Day 29 - Goal
Day 28 - Time
Day 28 - Time
a toddler with blonde hair is wearing a blue scarf and looking down at something
Day 27 - Anything Goes
Day 26 - The letter R (R&R)
Day 26 - The letter R (R&R)
the front page of a news paper with an image of a woman holding a dog
Day 25 - Mail
Day 24 - Jewelry
Day 24 - Jewelry
a baby's foot covered in dirt sitting on a brick floor with it's hands stretched out
Day 23 - Dirty
a baby in a bathtub looking at the camera
Day 21 - Clean
a baby is sitting in a crib with pictures on the wall
Day 21 - Frame
a black dog laying on the floor in front of a tv
Day 20 - TV Show
black and white photograph of desk with computer
Day 19 - Quiet
a young child sleeping on top of a bed next to a pillow with a hat on it's head
Day 17 - Sleep
a baby sitting on the floor reading a book
Day 16 - Read