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27 Postpartum Essentials to Aid Recovery
We share 27 postpartum essentials and heres one of them: Village of a Mama book.
A Sukoo Story |Parenting Blog: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Baby
A Sukoo Story |Parenting Blog: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Baby
27 Essentials for Postpartum
Essentials for Postpartum (vaginal and csection birth) that aid healing and support the mum. During postpartum, you are not only healing from childbirth but naviagating your new baby and sleep deprivation. It is easy to put your own needs last when a tiny human is so dependent on you. I get it, i remember it well. The thing is, preparing for postpartum is ensuring you are stepping into motherhood supported. Here are 27 things we recommend you get to aid healing, to honour rest and for comfort!
A Sukoo Story |Parenting Blog: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Baby
A Sukoo Story |Parenting Blog: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Baby
This care kit has the basic essentials to make your postpartum recovery a comfortable one. It covers every type of birth, can go straight into your hospital bag, and makes the perfect gift for new mums. Instructions Booklet, Step By Step Instructions, Bare Essentials, Motherhood, Place Card Holders
The Bare Essentials Care Kit. - xxl
A bundle of products for the best in c-section support. C Section, Calendula, Pregnancy, Lavender
Cesarean Kit
Lullabies, Batwing Sleeve, Bat Wings, Pocket Detail, Cotton Linen, Vintage Black, Elastic Waist, Comfort Fit
Lounge Set | Jett - M/L
Aid your postpartum recovery through soothing heat and/or cooling relief to sore sensitive skin. Designed to pair up with our Postpartum Briefs, this insert fits in the front opening for relief over a c-section site and/or in the widened gusset for vaginal and perineal comfort. Natural Organic, Congratulations Gift, You Are Amazing
Warm & Cool Insert.
Made with a 100% certified Organic Cotton cover, these ultra absorbent pads are soft, comfortable, and the perfect pre-made 'padsicle'. The 4-layer core and wingless design with leak-proof technology offers the highest level of protection without the bulk. Organic Cotton Sheets, Incontinence, Discomfort, Certified Organic, Relieve, Odor, Ph, Infused
Herbal Infused Postpartum Pads.
Soft, stretchy and supportive, our patented Postpartum Brief is uniquely designed to comfortably hold a hot & cold pack and bring soothing relief where needed. Simply slide the Warm & Cool Insert into the brief's front opening and place it over the site of a c-section, or slide it down the widened gusset, over the perineal area. Model one wears size S. Model two wears XL. Breastfeeding Support, Model One, Latex Free
Postpartum Briefs - xs
An easy to use, mess free, perineal wash bottle designed to relieve the sting of urine and gently cleanse sensitive areas.  Make your postpartum recovery more comfortable with our ergonomic wash bottle that gently and effectively cleanses your vulva, perineum, or site of a c-section, without pressure. Mess Free
Perineal Wash Bottle
Healthy Breastfeeding, Nursing Tea, Blessed Thistle, Milk Production, Colic, Organic Lemon, Alfalfa
Organic Nursing Tea