australia's dancing brolgas

Australian Brolgas pair for life and have been known to utilise the same nesting areas for up to 20 years. Standing mtrs high and a wing span of about 2 mtrs they are impressive when dancing.

Gouldian Finch...rare and endangered in the wild

Gold and Red Headed Gouldian Finches---- Endangered Lives northern Australia


All Kinds of Birds, Birds, Birds!

are you looking at me????

No clue what this bird is

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National bird of India

sulphur crested cockatoo

The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is a large white cockatoo bird found in various parts of Australia as well as in New Guinea. They are quite popular as pets and

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High resolution animals desktop wallpaper of Crowned Cranes In Full Splendor (ID:


Toucans are colorful birds that live in more tropical area's such as South America, Jamaica and other regions that have heavy jungles. Their diets include fruits and small lizards. I guess what they eat make up their colorful exteriors.


Beautiful Tropical Colorful Birds In Tree Picture