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I don't know exactly who these ladies are, but I want to be all of them when I grow up!

Everything is always easier with your bestie by your side, including great style! We can't get enough of all the great girl gang style!

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And that, children, is why you dont get tattoos ;) This idea kills me! and everything else about your body at this age "looks amazing" it's the tattoo that's the problem. Enjoy your life, who cares what you look like at

CruiseCuba is run by the only U.S yacht charter company with a specific US Treasury OFAC License CruiseCuba Cruise Havana initiated U. charters into Cuba in 2015


South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed "Glamping for Glampers" project. The five star luxury accommodation modules are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin.