Gothic stone columns and an arch of jasmine and honeysuckle. Hornbeam allée.

Well-Manicured: Historic French Garden

French garden by Sylvain Lévy-Alban. Gothic stone columns and an arch of jasmine and honeysuckle.

Iceberg roses with hedge

John Hamilton Construction – Christchurch Heritage, Character, Traditional Home & Villa Renovation Specialists. iceberg roses with hedge

Knot Gardens-EXCERPT: 'Knot gardens were popularised in English gardens in the mid-15th century, when the stability of the nation was reflected in the increasing confidence of domestic architecture. People had the time, money and security to make their gardens a haven for relaxation. Knot gardens, mazes and labyrinths were all common, and provided intellectual puzzles to amuse the viewer.'

Formal herb garden is beautiful and functional. It contains herbs for cooking, aromatic and medicinal purposes.

There's a challenge for you! boxwood garden maze

Topiary gardens are one of those unique creative additions to an outdoor space that do not receive enough design credit. A landscape gardene.

Path of roses,breathtaking color,beauty.

a Rose Tunnel! Imagine the delightful scent as you walk! Life Sometimes Can Be A Path Of Roses