RP:  Juniper

of our "Top 10 - Juniper Bonsai trees" Very elegant Juniperus Bonsai, in Literati style, breathtaking! By: Jose Luis Blasco Paz

Red Flowering Gum Tree

Plants of Australia - Red Flowering Gum Tree ** This is a stunningly beautiful photo of one of our most beautiful blossoms. Beautiful smell also.


盆栽!かっこいい! Aquests testos tenen un "algo". Se surten del que és tradicional però tenen gràcia.

Outstanding Australian Native Garden ❀ Burst Of Colours

Outstanding Australian Native Garden BB LOVE this! Coming from this end of the world, have no idea what most of the plants are, but a good nurseryman should tell you and then it wouldn't be difficult to reproduce.

Full meadow feel in a confined space using Australian Native Flowers.

Australian Native Garden at the Royal Botanical garden in Sydney - protractedgardenprotractedgarden

Get the most out of your ornamental grasses with our 10 landscaping tips.

How to Use Ornamental Grasses in Midwest Gardens