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40 Examples Of Stunning Houses

Here's another collection of 40 beautiful houses and examples of quality architecture for you to browse through and enjoy.Previous post: 50 Examples Of Stunning Houses & Architecture

20 Songs that Add Rhyme to Your Routine. We already do a couple similar songs to this especially for clean up time/shower time.

Did you know that being able to rhyme is an important predictor of early reading? Because being able to rhyme helps kids manipulate the sounds in common

Be your very best self. Do the best you can and that will be enough! Positive Affirmations: 10 De-Stressing Phrases That Help Put Life Into Perspective (PHOTOS)

If you're ever feeling down or uninspired, look to words of wisdom and positivity for renewed inspiration. Inspirational quotes always get to me. Words to live by, I say.

♥  Each day... Let go bad stuff  ...and. Move into   JOY.    yes

Today I will let go of the past that I do not need and create the future that I want. Let go of the bad stuff and move on.

8 Affirmations to Say Every Morning before Getting Up | Just Add Good Stuff

8 Positive Affirmations to Say Every Morning before Getting Up. Affirmations work through the science of Neuroplasticity (the way the brain makes new neural pathways).