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a black and white photo of a man laying on the beach with his head in his hands
Max Dupain's beautiful work
black and white photograph of people walking under the eiffel tower
Glittering Bitch
Sigh. Vogue, Vintage Vogue, Retro, Pin Up, Vintage, Vintage Fashion, Portrait, 1950s Fashion, Vogue Magazine
simply smitten
an image of a dock in the water with some color swatches on it's side
Til the End of Days by Javier de la Torre / 500px
Til the End of Days by Javier de la Torre, via 500px
a woman floating in the ocean with her eyes closed
a man rides his bike through a flooded street
an empty road leading to the ocean with a warning sign on it's side
à quoi ça sert les voyages ©Micky Clément
a person hanging from a cloud over the ocean
the pursuit of happiness
#clouds #swing take me away...
the sun is setting over the ocean with waves
a person with their hand on the water's edge, in front of a black and white striped shirt
sophie takes pictures
a man standing on top of a building next to stairs
Fratelli Alinari, Scala della torre di Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, ca 1900-05
an artistic drawing of spiral staircases in a building
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lacy spiral
black and white photograph of empire building in new york city at night with dark clouds
Black and White
The Empire State Building, 1943 taken by Andreas Feininger