3. Disinfectant

Bleach as a weed killer, cleaning walkways of moss & algae, cleaning plastic lawn furniture, cut flowers longevity.

4. Air Freshener

Soy Candle / Soy Candles / Rain Barrel scented 8 oz Soy Wax Mason Jar Candle / Handmade / Hand Poured Pick Your Style and Color by TheCarolinaTrader on Etsy

5. Hand Soap

Discovery Health "Is antibacterial soap any better than regular soap?" Turns out you have to let those soaps sit on your skin for two min in order for the antibacterial ingredient to work.

7. Cutting Boards

Bamboo Cutting Boards For Meat Veggie Fruit Kitchenware Cooking Natural Set Of 3

Kitchen  6. Countertops

Exquisite Hardwood Flooring Countertop Of Kitchen Legendary Hardwood Floors Countertop Quartered Oak Versailles Counter

9. Garbage Disposal

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