Mutiara Ayuningtyas

Mutiara Ayuningtyas

Mutiara Ayuningtyas
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I hate small talk. I'd rather have some deep meaningful conversations. I want to know want your real thoughts are. Because I don't wanna know "what's up". But I really want is to get to know who you are. This is so true! #truthseeker

I am an enfj-I really hate small talk and chit chat. I may not talk about myself but I do want to know about you. Then when I trust you enough to know that you won't betray me, I may talk about myself. I love listening more than talking.

so true

This is so very true, Everyone deserves a little happiness in this life, you will find it when you find just how awesome God is and what he will do in spite of ourselves! He is faithful when we are not! quotes-comments-and-sayings

This is what you don't do

Many different things can cause depression and each leaves its own mark; understand that you are human and need to address the things that happen to you in order to maintain a healthy state of mind. Life throws all kinds of things at