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This pic is real. A polar bear came for multiple days to play with the dogs of a sled team. When the bear first arrived the owner of the dogs thought they were goners. Never once did the bear harm the dogs.


A dog's purpose according to a 6 year old: People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life - loving everybody and being nice. Dogs already know how to do that.

Here is a list of human foods that ARE NOT safe for dogs to eat. A lot on here that I didn't know about.

Here is a list of human foods that ARE and ARE NOT safe for dogs to eat. No human food really is good for dogs to eat.


A six-week-old Chihuahua born without front legs is defying the odds.

FAITH - The Two-Legged Wonder Dog! - YouTube

The eight-year old labrador-chow cross is a favourite at army bases and hospitals, where she 'marches' around on her hind legs, dressed in a military jacket.

Micro Chihuahua White female - YouTube

Children playing with baby mice at the Ve Deme Orphanage in Ghana, West Africa. Video taken while volunteering at the orphanage in November of