Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights in the bathroom - you just have to smile!

Aren't these top hat light pendants too cool! Looks very classy with the freestanding bath tub, don't you think?

And what full size sheep wouldn't make you smile?!

Designing a Nursery? 9 Tips You Should Read First

Poodles by the Pool

Exclusive: Lea Michele's Inspiring Backyard Transformation

Can actually order these statues Exclusive: Tour Lea Michele's Inspiring Backyard Transformation // pool, concrete poodles, outdoor statues, hedges, topiaries

The Candy Room: fabulous! Black vinyl wall stickers as decoration with a perfectly selected open wire pendant light fitting!

Press-On Design: The Candy Room

Thought by Red Design Group, The Candy Room is a surreal candy store in Melbourne, Australia. A successful idea, with the goal to think a shop to discover a new

A cat closet!

Have a unused space under stairs - or a nook - and also have cats? Why not do something like this, and put their litter box in there (just don't forget the door handle to open it) design-for-pets

Mustache Doormat

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Not to be restricted to the field.

"Styrofoam Cup Typography" with baseball phrases such as "play ball", "pop fly", and "home run", by Derek Munn

Now they'll never forget...

The Tile Shop: love how they have spelled words with white tiles in the black mosaic. lots of hard work but boy does it pay off