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Close up of Musk ox Mama and baby by Doug Lindstrand - I love Musk Ox. They are amazing animals.


These Hanging Chairs Let You Lie Inside The Mouths Of Animals

South African Designer, Porky Hefer, created these awesome hanging chairs as part of his series, Monster Deliciosa.

Flora and fauna inspire children to use their imaginations. It is therefore not surprising that we can find a lot of references to nature, especially animals, in kid’s products: children’s books, toys, fashion, kids decor, and also furniture. Today, we show you a set of animal-shaped chair and table that may become a key piece for […]

Elephant Chair & Table by Marc Venot

Prince Harry, the baby pygmy hippo, as seen on Shareables

Stop The Presses! Here's a Baby Pygmy Hippo

Quack Muzzle : Shut Up, You Duck Face! I hope my dog never needs a muzzle, but, dear god, if he does, this is the only one I'll ever use.

Quack Muzzle : Shut Up, You Duck Face! Yep, Chloe needs this

Oh, the Amalfi Donkey!

9 Fireplaces You'll Totally Swoon Over

The bold, vibrant colors of this fireplace echoes the decadence and charisma of the Italian coast. Eclectic tile work is an easy solution to add unexpected pops of exuberant color and pattern.

Lessons Learned From Photographing Stylish Homes

Lessons Learned From Photographing Stylish Homes

Animal Multi-Tool

Animal Multi-Tool

Just the tool for whatever wild tasks you might run into, the Animal Multi-Tool transforms into a safari of seven useful helpers, including a flat head screwdri

Family Vacation Rental | The Dar Beida Residence | Essaouira | Kid & Coe

This tranquil, cool and super-styled designer pad in Essaouria’s medina has everything from a hanging wicker chair to a chic whitewashed roof terrace, sleeps up to 8 and is just minutes from the to.

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