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Eren Jaeger // Attack On Titan

Eren Jaeger // Attack On Titan

Truthfuly I think Levi sees Eren as a son like thing, I know Levi is only like 33 and blah blah blah... but he always looks out for Eren and cares for him, and Eren sees Levi as person to look up to, sometimes not in certain circumstances.. but that's just my thought

I really think that Levi doesn't know how to show he cares, so he doesn't privately. Like, giving Eren a handkerchief when he was coughing up blood, or watching Eren when he gets upset.


In the Manga, Levi never showed up to pull him out. The anime kinda dramatises it.

Just going to leave this here // don't ship it that much but cool

I know a lot of people don't ship Eren/Levi, but even if you just see it as Levi is really protective of Eren, this is cute.

oml ahvavgdfv jske HIS HAND IS ON HIS SHOULDER

Conversation went like: Eren: What a wonderful day. Levi: Eren, you're grabbing my shoulder. Eren: I know *smiles awkwardly* Levi: Stop it.

Ereri canon proof manga

Ereri canon proof manga this is not canon and ereri will never be canon!😤 I will not ship ereri until it is ACTUALLY confirmed this is not proof!

CANNON GUYS. CANNON. *Erwin and Armin dyeing in the distance... Litterally*

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