The Quick and Easy, Step by Step Guide To Create A Perfect Slicked Back Ponytail | :: Bachelor of Management Studies

There's no style out there that a perfectly slicked back high ponytail is not able to fully complement.


How can we not choose to romance the lace dress as our statement for the spring? After all it has been an epitome of femininity! It is the enriched versatility

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Jimmy Choo Obsession Ending Up In Craziness?

We are all aware of the maddening obsession for the Jimmy Choo brand which is indeed a class apart and has been really gaining prominence and is a luxury brand

Trend: Decorating / Dressing Up with Summer Whites

White Summer Dresses for Women 2013 are cool to match hot season atmosphere. The white dress may be simpler than other casual dress, but it always looks cute

6 Easy Ways to Perfectly Accessorize Every Dress You Own

You can simply glam up a simple outfit to play more voguish and spunky. Here are ways you can accessorise your outfit and make it look casual +smart:-


Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves, Pants Becoming Shorts If you’re having a hard time finding just the right shorts for this summer’s hottest days, remember: shorts are generally just pants with.


Neckpieces, no doubt glam up the look but to make a really smashing, sparkling appearance, it's also worth choosing a necklace that complements the shape of


Red color clothing attracts attention and looks gorgeous. The color has gained popularity as a symbol of love, passion and vibrancy.


Short hairstyles for round faces; discover the best short hairstyles you can consider wearing with your round face. Cute hairstyles for round faces