Verandah House « WALTER BARDA DESIGN Definitely emulates the architectural style of the homes on FayetteFarm, with a needed Hill Country Add.

Interior Design | 20 Dreamy Loft Apartments That Blew Up Pinterest

The term Loft is generally used to describe an upper storey or attic in a building, in other words the space directly under the roof. A loft apartment, on the other hand, refers to a large adaptable open space, often… Continue Reading →

Coffee Break | The Italian Way of Design

Barn Love, White & Black Interiors, Boooox Heritage Barn by Oooox via Home Adore

architectureblog: (via desire to inspire - - Paul Brissman) the other room

Open loft living area one side, closed bedroom other side? I like the open beams, but I wonder if they only look so good because of the extreme white everywhere else? I also think I like the idea of the loft being over the entrance.

【炎を囲んでのんびり】焚き火台のある石畳の庭 | 住宅デザイン


Tahoe Quarterly Mountain Home Photos by Ethan Rohloff. Architect Brendan Riley of Ryan Group Architects. Interior by Annie MacFadyen of Ryan Group Architects, Landscape by Jason Roach of Lasting Landscapes.

Ambiance générale / mobilier

Home Interior Design — Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Quando ho letto il titolo della staffetta DI BLOG IN BLOG di questo mese ho pensato che sarei andata fuori tema….cosa bizzarramente paradossale dato l’argomento del mio articolo. Il fatto è che il film con Gwyneth Paltrow ha fatto scuola e da allora non puoi pronunciarne il titolo senza pensare al destino e alle casualità della …

white planks/beams/barn door // Heather A. Wilsons new build of classic bungalow in Charleston, South Carolina, sliding wood barn doors, interior white wood siding, Remodelista