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A selection of flower, foliage and plants used in our floral arrangements at bohoelope.
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a person holding a bunch of white flowers in their left hand and the other hand
Preserved White Dried Gypsophila - Baby's Breath Flowers
Wholesale Dried Flowers for your small creative business! `DriedGypsophila` otherwise known as `Dried Baby's breath flowers`. 40-45 CM Length 50-60 Gram Make sure to keep your Dried Gypsophila out of direct sunlight, keep them upright and refrain from getting them wet/damp. This will preserve them to make them last longer. Wholesale dried flowers are for Indoor Use only. Do not clean stems with water, just lightly dust and they will last a long time.
some white and pink flowers in a garden
Serruria florida 'Blushing Bride', Protea 'Blushing Bride' in GardenTags plant encyclopedia
a close up of a plant with white flowers
Berzelia Buttonbush Snow – Protea Varieties – Proteaflora
Buttonbush Snow - Berzelia. Lovely clusters of white flowers in late winter to spring. Soft, fine foliage and stems. Perfect for cut flowers. #protea #proteaflora #proteaceae #proteas #australianflora #homegardening #gardenideas #homegarden #australianplants #australianflowers #gardeninspiration #berzelia #buttonbush
some green leaves and red flowers on a white surface
Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers — Carly Messmer Floral Design
Blooming jasmine vine is so perfect in the spring. It's great for creating movement in a bouquet or centerpiece and adding an interesting textural ingredient. Photo by Amanda Donaho
a person holding a bunch of white flowers in their left hand, against a white wall
Geraldton Wax Flower
Geraldton Wax Flower – Bush Flowers
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Chrysanthemum Fuji Disbud Mum Fuji Spider Green