Florence Broadhurst rug

We are very proud to work with “Knots Rugs” who hold the exclusive license to the Florence Broadhurst design library throughout the UK.

Arabian Birds by Florence Broadhurst wall covering

Arabian Bird's is beautiful and highly detailed. Florence's prolific works highlight how versatile and constantly evolving she was as an artist. From the brilliantly simple 'Fingers' print, to this here 'Arabian Birds.

Florence Broadhurst framed

Signature print wallpaper located within extravagant surrounds - perfect match of leadlight, plush upholstery and crystal chandelier.

Florence Broadhurst - beautiful hall runner

Kabuki references back to Florence's early days in Asia. The fan pattern is dramatic in size and detail, drawing inspiration from Japanese theatre, as well as possibly her showgirl escapades during the roaring

Limited Edition Art "Exotic Birds B" | Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst exotic birds, an archived print but I proudly have this in the turquoise/grey/silver colour way for the kids bathroom as a wallpaper strip.

Florence Broadhurst wallpaper

Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper (source Signature Prints) / Wallpaper Australia / The Ivory Tower