Driftwood Christmas Tree. #witcherywishlist

DIY idea :: branch wall tree with lights + ornaments. A wall tree. What a nifty idea. It takes up no space.

Modern-Tank #witcherywishlist

Can't go wrong with a basic tank in summer. But how do you chose from citrus, animal, romance, black, ivory or geranium?

Knitted-Waffle-Throw #witcherywishlist

This Knitted Waffle Throw from Witchery is going to make an amazing debut as a picnic rug this Christmas break! I can practically taste the strawberries already.

Salad-Bowl-With-Servers #witcherywishlist

Salad Bowl With Servers I think I will order this one now so we have it for Christmas Lunch :-)

Piper-Shoulder-Bag.html #witcherywishlist

Rendered in a soft and supple leather, the Piper Shoulder bag is a luxurious essential.

Waterfall-Mini #witcherywishlist

The Waterfall Mini is exactly what I've been looking for in a white skirt! Love the cut and the way it sits!

Luggage-Tag #witcherywishlist

Give your luggage a fashion forward edge with this leather look luggage tag also available in an array of vibrant colours to have your bag standing out from the crowd.

OCRF-Beauty-Case #witcherywishlist

OCRF-Beauty-Case #witcherywishlist