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Dippers punnishment

I loved that episode. Mabel: "What's the one thing I told you not to do?" Dipper:"Raise the dead" Mabel:"And what did you do?" Dipper: Lowers head in shame.


I love how in this picture, Stanford is the only one looking really shocked at Grunkle Stan swooping by, and everyone else is just like “Yes.

Shit stop before i have a mental breakdown. all the trolls and kids go back to life after the game and keep the traumas of the game witht hem throughout their new life causing them to go insane

SWEET HONEY ICED TEA WHAT. Also Travis (tarvos) thinks he can fly, which is how he broke his back and became perma-wheelchaired, and Greg (Gamzee) believes the jugaloes to be an actual religion which requires blood sacrifice, including his own