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Rochelle Keegel

Rochelle Keegel
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If we can extend personhood status to dolphins and other primates, then it's time to do the same for all other animals - cows, sheep, deer....pigs (who also happen to be smarter than our dogs and cats). All animals deserve that recognition.

If we can extend personhood status 2 dolphins & other primates, then its time th same 4 all animals- cows, sheep, deer, pigs (smarter than dogs & cats). All animals deserve th recognition

Oh. little one... I feel so much for you. #vegan #compassion

I believe in vegetarianism. with occasional fish. maybe free range, no antibiotic given, or no gmo fed chicken. Compassion is important, but our society's health is first priority

For the love of god please make the connection. These animals are victims and have feelings! They are confused and scared before they are hung upside down and their throats slit.