a tall stack of books sitting on top of a cement slab in front of a building
1,000 Words: Stand Tall
1,000 Words: Stand Tall | The New Yorker
two statues holding hands in front of a sign that says the earth without art is just eh
Art Appreciation – Artists - Twelve Oaks Schoolhouse
a piece of paper with an image of paul klee on it and the words art does not produce what we see if it makes us see
60 Inspirational Artist Quotes
a painting with a quote on it that says,'art is a line around your thoughts
Seven Quotes by Famous Artists That Will Enrich Your Soul
Seven Quotes by Famous Artists That Will Enrich Your Soul
an arch with many books on it in the middle of a stone wall and door
Going through all these books
"Going through all these books". Installation by Jan Reymond in Romainmotier. 2007. Photo by Thomas Guignard.
there is a tall stack of cloths on the street corner in front of a building
Art at the Library
Public art at Nashville Public Library....it would be so great to make something lie this for my yard.
a man riding a bike down a street next to a tall building with a princess sign on it
The Little Prince's 70th Anniversary
Biblioteca Mejanes, en Aix-en-Provence: fachada como si fuera el libro "El principito"