For Australians, Vietnam remains one of the most difficult - and controversial - wars we have fought. On the fiftieth anniversary of Australia's first involvement comes Vietnam: The Complete Story of the Australian War, for anyone who wishes to understand why Australia went to war, and who wants to make sense of the intensely unrelenting warfare.

'Vietnam: The complete story of the Australian war' by Bruce Davies with Gary McKay

Chris Masters, the country's foremost investigative journalist, turns his penetrating gaze on the modern Australian soldier. Moving away from our ongoing fascination with Anzac story, he looks at the rich and illuminating present to write a character study of the modern Australian soldier - war fighter, peacekeeper, street-level diplomat and aid worker.

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“It’s a treasure trove. It’s previously unknown, candid images of troops just out of the line. Men with the fear and experiences of battle written on their faces.” - General Peter Cosgrove, AC MC, Former Chief of the Defence Force

Ross Coulthart, author of The Lost Diggers, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

About 1300 Australians died in the desert campaigns of World War I, while another 3500 died in North Africa and the Middle East during World War II. Thousands more carried the wounds of war for the rest of their lives. Countless families were left behind to mourn the dead and comfort the injured.

'Desert Boys: Australians at war from Beersheba to Tobruk and El Alamein' by Peter Rees

Mac Tucker, or 'Serge' to use his callsign name, is one of an elite group of men trained to fly F-18 jets. Now, for the first time, Serge takes you behind the scenes of the fighter pilot world to reveal what it's really like. Find out how it feels to be shot at by SAS snipers, to be lost in a fifty million dollar jet over Northern Australia with nothing but car lights to guide you home, to rupture your sinuses while flying

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Sometimes heroism is found in the most unlikely places. Gritty, bloody and fast-paced, Fighting Blind plunges you into the day-to-day reality of a war zone, where life is cheap and the enemy is almost impossible to pick. After years in the NSW SWAT team and counter-terrorism units, Shane is an elite operator.

'Fighting Blind: On assignment in war-torn Iraq' by Shane Horsburgh with Jason K Foster