Michelle Amethyst

Michelle Amethyst

Michelle Amethyst
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Hattifant's Stripy Animal Kaleidocycle - Hattifant

NEW Kaleidocycle Flextangle available - Stripy Animals - Head over to Hattifant for a new Kaleidocycle / Flextangle to craft. Cute stripy animals are waiting!

Kaleidocycles Flextangles - Stripy Animals TUTORIAL

Hattifant& Stripy Animals turned into one of the coolest paper toys! Learn how to make this Kaleidocycle or also called Flextangle by yourself!

Lip Pot - Kitties & Piggies

Joining our adorable Cupcake Lip Pots, are our new Kitties and Piggies Lip Pots! They have a small catch you just "flick" to open underneath, and each pot holds just under a teaspoon of Lip Balm.