Bright orange sand for the mark making area this week. Thanks to Rachel at stimulating learning again for the printables I use in this area!

Practicing fine motor manipulation of hand movements to help promote handwriting skills in the sand. Prompt cards are used for children to copy the shapes.

Aboriginal Art Boomerang Design Sheet

With Matt Board L's: Aboriginal Art Boomerang Design Sheet perfect for Primary or pupils either as part of a project, stand alone lesson or cover work.

A Pinch of Kinder: An art provocation: Can you make a picture or design with dots?

Mandala art Age group: year olds FA. examine art products from different world cultures FA.

Multicultural & Indigenous Resources

Multicultural and Indigenous Learning Resources, Cultural Diversity, Child Care Learning Resources, Early Learning Tools

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

This pack includes vocabulary cards and note booking pages, covering nine Aboriginal Symbols. You can find out how we used this pack here: Aboriginal Symbol Stones.

-Beautiful leaf art

cool idea for something to do with your autumn leaves.or aboriginal designs! Magnolia leaves would be perfect for this!