Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova: You just cannot beat a pav in summer, and in particular this dark beauty. The crisp and chewy chocolate meringue base, rich in cocoa and beaded nuggets of chopped plain chocolate, provides a sombre, almost purple-brown layer beneath the fat whiteness of the cream and matt, glowering crimson raspberries on top: it is a killer combination.

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Nigella's Lawson's Chocolate raspberry pavlova -- this is one of my go-to party desserts. Do not overbake the pavlova!

Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet Bellini Serve this easy recipe with a spicy ginger ale or sparkling juice for a virgin take on this classic cocktail. Peach Sorbet cup water tablespoons of sugar or honey 4 …

Christmas wreath pavlova - easy to make and quite delicious with any fresh fruit on top. @Joanne Scanlon

Pavlova - the Kiwi Christmas Dessert. so yum (made out of Meringue and cream and berries)

All I want for Christmas…with Lisa Green

My failsafe Christmas styling tip is heirloom table linen and huge vases of hydrangeas and/or Christmas bush.

All I want for Christmas…with Lisa Green

classic lemon tart

saturday morning after a good coffee is the perfect time to make your life a bit more sweet. sweet shortcrust pastry cups plain (all-purpose) flour chilled unsalted butter, c…

lemon tart - donna hay

Donna Hay - Lemon Tart - spread some homemade mascarpone on top once it's cooled and a layer of fresh blueberries (or your favourite fresh berries)

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Maple Reduction

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Maple Reduction: Fresh and tasty! Ideas like this for food at the wedding!

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