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How To Make Studying Count Infographic | e-Learning Infographicse-Learning Infographics

Why don't grade school teachers implement this every year. I didn't know what type of learner I was until I was 30 returning to college. Helps me a lot now & my kids. Think how much more it could help others ~The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

GPA Boosting Checklist

I would like to see the overall GPA of the chapter increase over the next years. I would like to learn what helps members of our chapter study and what can we do to improve grades.

Hate to break it to you, but the phone is probably a distraction.. 6 Study Habits You Should Start Doing Today!

Summer is still in full swing, but getting organized now for the studying that waits for you will make your school year a stress-free experience. I want to offer you 5 back to school tips that work.