The Torquay 305, Our Designs, G.J. Gardner Homes Bendigo.... YES, YES, YES!!!

Swap the entertainment and living. The bigger for hometheatre and smaller for living, opening to kitchen area and alfresco. The Torquay Our Designs, G. Gardner Homes Bendigo.

Hi! I found this plan last week – you might like this one. It’s called the Monterey Nouveau Q1 from here. You can also click on the image to enlarge it. I know it’s similar to a lot of other narrow houses, but I did think it was a good use of space. I loved …

Called Monterey Nouveau This is an example of a floor plan. I love the use of space and design of this layout. Personally I have always had an interest in floor plans.

This is pretty much perfect. floor plan. I would want one more bathroom

My dream home :) Garage= poppys room. 4 bedroom, 2 living, nice back family room opening to backyard

G’day G’day! How are you? Today I went searching for a floor plan with a built-in fireplace (seeing as it’s getting cold around here!). I found this 4 bedroom family home with a few other cool features. I like the overall layout of the home with the kitchen/dining opening on to the alfresco. That would

Today for Floor Plan Friday I have this spacious modern style home with 5 bedrooms. The master bedroom has a large ensuite and W.

Namarra Barrington Homes

Namarra Barrington Homes. I like that you enter to the living space and that all the bedrooms are together. There's a theatre/noisy room, a room, and the room could be a study. Definitely a plan that would suit us

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Hotham Floor Plan wide, Make study wide entry, dogs at night. Push master into family and have lower built-ins on alfresco wall of family room (could be office?

David Reid Homes - Lifestyle 2 specifications, house plans & images

David Reid Homes - Lifestyle 2 specifications, house plans & images - flipped

Kingaroy 304 - Element Estate, Our Designs, Gympie Builder, GJ Gardner Homes Gympie

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